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I shoot a lot of landscapes and outdoor scenery. Where can that fit in with contemplative photography? The work that I do doesn't always relate to color but there can be color in the subject matter. Somethings I shoot translate readily into Black and White. Check my blog at www.wildlightphotography.me.


Any perception can be the basis of a contemplative image, if your intention is to form the eqivelant of that perception. It is not the subject matter that is contemplative, but rather the intention.

Photography and photoshop


Has photoshop been accepted in seeing fresh? Or up to which level is it OK?


There is no problem with image adjustment in contemplative photography. The only issue is your intention. If you are adjusting the image to make a better equivelant of your perception, that's great. If you are trying to make the image more interesting or dramatic, that is questionable.